Need more Lion King in your life? Head to the Masai Mara's most luxurious destination

Growing up, we all fell in love with Simba, Zazu and Pumbaa. And now you have the chance to relive your childhood as the new live-action Lion King film is released today.

If you’re inspired by the movie, you should consider planning a trip to Virgin Limited Edition's Mahali Mzuri, Richard Branson’s luxury tented safari camp in the famous Maasai Mara. There’s no better place to get up close and personal to the real thing. 

The Olare Motorogi Conservancy is home to around 60 lions, which means there’s a good chance guests to Mahali Mzuri will be able to spot their very own Simba in the wild. The newest lion cubs were born in the last week of May, and they’ve just been introduced to the pride, making it the perfect time for guests to see Nala and friends. If you’d prefer to book ahead, the lion calving season in the reserve is typically from November to February. 

There’s more to the conservancy than just the lions. You'll be able to spot warthogs just like Pumbaa and might even see a red-billed hornbill like Zazu as they're regular guests. Warthogs can be seen just 500m away from the camp, with up to 500 regularly visiting to dig out rhizomes and tubers from the ground with their snouts.  

Bird-lovers can spot the red-billed hornbill searching for insects high in the acacia trees and making the familiar “tockus, tockus” sound.     

Lionesses on lookout at Mahali Mzuri

Between July and December, Mahali Mzuri is offering a free night on bookings of four nights or more, which means guests will get a four-night stay for the price of three. The  offer runs until December 2019 and can be combined with a ‘kids go free’ offer, making it a perfect family holiday experience.

With twice-daily game drives led by expert guides, and 12 luxurious tented suites that look out onto some of the world’s most stunning scenery, Mahali Mzuri offers a truly intimate experience set in an astonishing natural spectacle.  

Visit Virgin Limited Edition to find out more and book your trip now.



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