The snacks you should be eating at 37,000ft

It’s World Ice Cream day, so tuck into that little pot on-board your flight, settle back, and relax

37,000ft above the ocean can make you feel many things. Excitement of course, but, occasionally, dehydration.  

And while you’re probably unable to find a snack that solves your aviophobia, choosing the right things to eat on-board a plane can make all the difference to your body: especially when you’re in the air for 10 hours or more. 

Upper Main Meal

When you’re eating on a plane, choose foods that will help you to retain less fluid, reducing puffiness and bloat. Even if you fly Upper Class, jet-lag can still strike: think about eating foodstuffs that won’t make you feel more fatigued than you probably will be. 

Dana Killousie, a nutritional expert, explains that so much of why we feel bad on or after a flight is down to poor decisions about what we eat. “We may feel bloated or more fatigued, or have an upset stomach after a long flight. This isn’t unusual and this is because we may eat the wrong things for us on a plane. We may drink too much alcohol, or too many sugary snacks and then have a sugar crash or become dehydrated.” She adds that there are ways around this, but the key one is to eat simply on board. “And drink a lot of water.” 


Skip carbs

If you can, pre-order a vegan meal. It doesn’t sound like the most exciting option, but your body will thank you for choosing the lighter option. Some airlines coast by with a tired side salad and fruit-salad dessert, but others, like Virgin Atlantic, make more effort for those who wish to choose a plant-based option. Expect actual pudding (a vegan apple crumble, for example), and something more creative, like a hummus mezze plate. 

Take snacks

On a long flight snacks can keep you sane. Nobody wants to be on that 16 hour trip consumed by gnawing hunger. Often, the cabin crew will be able to help you out – an extra meal here, or a stack of galley snacks. If you have any dietary requirements, it’s best to take snacks you know you can eat, such as a cereal bars or chopped fruit to help you with your rehydration and vitamin boosting. 

Ice cream

We know sugar is generally something to be avoided on a long plane journey, but ice cream above the clouds is a real treat. There’s something super special about digging into a little pot of creamy vanilla when you’re mid-air. 

Ice Cream

Healthy options

It’s been psychologically proven that we eat when we’re bored, so it’s probably best not to just sit there cramming fistfuls of chocolate into your mouth. Take healthier snacks, so you can mindlessly eat without feeling too guilty about it. Another perfect thing to eat is oatmeal, or porridge, which you can buy before getting on the plane. Oats release energy slowly, which means you’re fuller for longer. 

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